Dead Man Walking

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Self-proclaimed liberal Tim Robbins, writer/director of the conservative-bashing pseudo-documentary "Bob Roberts," takes on the issue of capital punishment through the factually-based story of Sister Helen Prejean (Susan Sarandon) who serves as spiritual counselor to convicted murderer/rapist Matthew Poncelet (Sean Penn).

Liberals are so god-damned annoying because they want you to think about every little thing. There's no question that Poncelet is guilty and that he's a scumbag. Killing him is doing him a favor. He deserves to be tortured by having his eyelids cut off and being forced to watch "Shining Through" over and over again until he dies.

But Robbins wants to make everything hard. There's the humanity thing and the suffering of the victims' parents thing and the fact that all death row inmates come from poor backgrounds thing and the politics thing and then the utter uselessness of the final act thing. Robbins throws all this into the movie and expects you to give it due consideration -- to think about it all.

Like I need that.

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