Democrats Still Don't Get It

If you turn on any radio station or read any article in virtually any newspaper, the consensus is that the American voter prefers Democrats to Republicans and that the Democrats have a legitimate shot to take over both houses of Congress. Such news ought to make Democrats so hopeful that they're spending their evenings crouching in corners, fingertips in their mouths, chattering with glee, like little devious children as they try to figure out how they will change government during the coming years.

Don't believe it for a second. Here's a prediction: Democrats will not take over either house of Congress. They will make gains that will ultimately be characterized by the news media as "disappointing". Why do I believe this? I believe this because Karl Rove says so. As repulsed as I am to admit it, Karl Rove knows more about the American voter than all Democrats put together. Karl Rove has been right about everything for the last seven years and I, for one, don't expect anything to change. During interviews about the upcoming elections, Rove just sits there like a political Buddha and calmly explains why he believes Democrats will not take control of anything. If Karl Rove says it, I believe it. Democrats ought to take heed, but they don't. They are too politically stupid. After all this time, the still don't get it.

One example of Democrats' collective stupidity should suffice to demonstrate why there will be no sea change: their approach to the war in Iraq. It's so fucking amazing that they can't get a compelling message out there about Iraq that it makes me want to shove a pencil in my eye. Here's the Democrats' message on Iraq that's supposed to win them the upcoming elections: "Bush's plan isn't working. Let's leave". The Republicans have rightly and accurately translated this approach as "Cut and Run". It is cutting and running and it's a moronic message. Not only is it bad policy for a variety of reasons, it's a fucking political travesty.

I spoke with a member of a D.C. think tank recently and asked him about Iraq. He said that the consensus on Iraq is that, although it's a disaster, if the U.S. pulls out now, there will be genocide. The minority Sunnis will be slaughtered. Could there be anything worse for Democrats? Not only do they pronounce the entire encounter a loss, but they start genocide on top of it. There's a big slice of extra shit on top of the shit sandwich. As much as Democrats may hate the Bush invasion of Iraq, we're still all Americans and it's our responsibility to clean up the mess over there, or at least make a good effort. Thus, even a "Cut and Run" policy isn't really cut and run.

For argument's sake, let's say the Democrats owned a television that showed them the future if we stay in Iraq. That future is bleak. It shows us that if we stay in Iraq for the next ten years, the country never solidifies under its leadership, a civil war starts, and American soldiers perish to the tune of 50,000. Does that mean their message to America should be: We need to get out of there. What Democrats fail to realize is that their message is telling Americans this: We've lost. We're losers. This whole thing was a bad idea. Let's leave, admit defeat, and apologize. Nobody wants to hear that. We're all Americans and none of us want to be labeled losers. Here is the plan America wants: Let's win and get out of there. That's the plan the Democrats should put forward. That's the message they should get out there. That's the message that will win them both houses of Congress. If you vote Democrat, we will win in Iraq and bring all our soldiers home within three years. 100% of American voters will love that plan.

Who gives a shit that there is no such plan? Have Democrats learned so little from the non-stop fabrications of the Bush administration that they don't understand it doesn't matter what you say so long as it sounds good? What the fuck sounds better than: We're going to win in Iraq during the next few years and then we're leaving. That is what everybody wants to hear. Fucking say it and deal with the consequences later by coming up with some other explanation. Three years from now when everything is virtually the same as it is now and we're pulling our troops out and everyone from Rush Limbaugh to Bill O'Reilly is demanding answers on why the Democratic plan to win Iraq failed so miserably, the Democrats will again take a page from the Republicans. They will blame everything on George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, and Dick Cheney.

If only Democrats were smart enough to figure all this out. Instead, they're a bunch of political retards and it's not exactly a mystery why they've had so much trouble, why there's more trouble on the horizon, and why the American public has so little interest in what they have to say.

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Sooo you're suggestion was for the Democrats to act more like the Republicans by lying to the American public and lying some more when/if Americans ever wisened up enough to start asking questions? Wow, I'm glad you weren't the Democratic strategist for any of the elections over the past two years.

And you think Karl Rove is smart? LOL! He correctly predicted the 2000 and 2004 elections because he knew that Bush had plans to STEAL them. Duh. And no, I'm not guessing about that. I have reliable insider information about how they stole the elections.

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