Demon Seed

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Hello? Plot of movie: computer with the voice of Robert Vaughn sticks a long metal rod up Julie Christie's you-know-what hoping to make a baby. There is actually a creature born at the end of the film and it looks something like a chocolate Easter bunny.

Director Donald Cammell killed himself not long after this picture was made. It's not clear why, but speculation has it that perhaps he was distraught over movie executives sticking it to him where this picture was concerned. See any parallels between Cammell's experience and this story? Instead of letting some dipshit executive shove a metal prod up his ass, Cammell checked himself out.

Christie's character seems like the type of woman who's probably better off being diddled by a machine. It's not like her genes should be going anywhere. The best the computer can do in the way of threatening her is to send a wheelchair with an arm after her. There's also a huge polygon that bounces around in the basement, suggesting that the Rubic's cube enthusiast who thought it up had taken one too many tabs of acid.

Essentially, this movie is "Alien," except the alien can't really move and it has the voice of Robert Vaughn. The computer sees via cameras placed throughout the house. The one time Christie becomes threatening to the computer is when she puts goop over the camera lens. Talk about action. Imagine if Christie's character actually had a brain. She might have considered tripping the breakers.

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