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Director Hal Salwen had an idea that he probably got while sitting on the toilet and that idea went something like this: "Isn't it interesting how so much human interaction is performed via the phone or computer? Wow, wouldn't it be interesting to make a movie where all the characters interacted only by phone to demonstrate what an impersonal society we live in?"

Somehow (and this frequently happens to people who get their ideas while sitting on the toilet) Hal thought the answer to his little self-examination was "yes" when it was, in fact, "no." Stated simply: A movie where the characters only interact over the phone is not interesting. It's boring.

While Hal's bowels were screaming "MOVIE! MOVIE!" his brain was whispering "essay. essay." Naturally, his bowels won out. The story that transpires in the movie involves a set of friends who never see each other and a mysterious woman who calls one of them up to inform him she's having his baby through a sperm donation he made some years back.

Ideally, Salwen probably imagined viewers would be astounded by how a story emerged even though nobody in the film ever met. Unfortunately, this never happens and we're left to ponder the masturbatory fantasies of the AT&T executives who probably secretly funded the whole fiasco.

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