All Dogs Go to Heaven 2

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Obviously this film is for kids (and for their parents who have to tag along to make sure the youngsters don't get their arms permanently lodged in those plastic cup holders). So is there anything you parents should know about this film before taking your kids to see it? Well, not really, as long as you don't mind exposing your four-year-old to a good old sexual romp. Essentially, this is a G-rated cartoon with an X-rated story. This film is nothing more than the tale of a dog trying to get laid.

Charlie (voice of the ever-wholesome Charlie Sheen) is up in heaven, bored out of his skull when he gets a chance to return to the real world to recover Gideon's horn. Instead of recovering the horn, he jeopardizes the very existence of heaven in order to get some tail. At one point the lady dog (voice of Sheena Easton, another saint-in-training) tells Charlie her requirements for a good mate. She says: "grooming, breeding; etc." Charlie's response is "Breeding: I'd be good at that!" Replace breeding with the F-word and you've got the real movie the filmmakers had in mind.

The instant gratification of "breeding" is represented in the film by the devil. The devil is a huge red cat. Red, of course, is the color of danger. There's another word for cat that explains the relationship to the breeding thing. Thus, Charlie's desire for instant sexual gratification leads to the danger created by his "deal with the devil." So don't be alarmed when little Bobby comes running out of the film yelling, "Mommy, mommy, explain all the genital references to me. Pleeeeeeze!"

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