The Doom Generation

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Director Gregg Araki must have spent a few days in a recidivistkindergarten researching the dialogue for this idiotic "Natural Born Killers" rip-off. All of the following are actually used by Amy (Rose McGowan) at one time or another: "anus breath," "ass crap," "dog breath," "smegma breath," "take a reality pill" and "kindly pull your head out of your rectal region" -- and that's not taking into account the million or so compound words created with the f-word.

Amy and her dim-witted boyfriend, Jordan (James Duvall), join up with a psychopath named Xavier (Johnathon Schaech) and run around Los Angeles committing crimes. Although Amy and Jordan declare their love and their virginity at the beginning of the film, by the end they've got enough experience to do their own porn flick. In no time, Amy is shoving her fingers up Jordan's and Xavier's rectums and mothers everywhere are thinking twice about what kinds of movies they bring their four-year-olds to.

Like some high school dropout fascinated with his own creativity, Araki makes all convenience store transactions in the film amount to $6.66 -- the kind of quirk that makes you scream in agony, "I get it already!" the fourth or fifth time it comes up.

One minor curiosity of this film is the number of people it roped into cameos, including Amanda Bearse, Perry Farrell, Heidi Fleiss, Christopher Knight and Lauren Tewes. Imagine the desperation it must take to cast a former member of "The Brady Bunch" and a former member of "The Love Boat" in the same film and you only begin to get an idea of how bad "The Doom Generation" is.

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