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Ever since the special effects people conquered the previously unconquerable effect of making animals appear as though they were speaking, filmmakers have been insanely gung-ho about finding ways to use the new technology, primarily because animals don't demand contracts and are happy with a little kibble or hay or whatever.

Eddie Murphy gets his twenty million dollars, his co-stars get the boost of starring in a film with him, some voice talent gets a few bucks, some animals are abused, and there you have "Dr. Doolittle 2". Face it, using animals in this way -- making them perform for human entertainment -- is abuse. At best, it's exploitation.

To try and make up for this, the filmmakers wrote a story to appeal to those with animal interests at heart. Dr. Doolittle has to train a circus bear to live in the wild in order to save a forest. People are apparently so oblivious to environmental issues that you have to make the animals talk in order to convince anyone they're worth saving. Make prairie dogs talk and I guarantee you that'll be the last colony that's poisoned. When they don't talk however, people are pretty enthused about feeding those giant rats strychnine.

The supposed funniest moment in this film occurs when the bear (voiced by Steve Zahn) ends up on a toilet in a very small bathroom with Dr. Doolittle. Naturally, the bear farts for about twenty minutes while Doolittle tries to stick his head out the window. This is the lowest of lowbrow moments, meant to appeal to every fart joke telling idiot in the place. And there's nothing better than being in a theater full of people who love to fart, discuss farts and laugh at it all.

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