From Dusk Till Dawn

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When I was about four years old I would always dream of myself in films.

For argument's sake, let's just say that in one of these films my brother and I play lunatic murderers who are trying to get to Mexico to escape the cops. When we get to Mexico we go to a bar called the "Titty Twister" where we have to kill everybody in there because they all turn into vampires and try to suck our blood. I tell this idea to my four year old best friend who laughs so hard that he wets himself and then cries until his mom comes and gets him.

Later in life, when I'm ten, I look back on my film idea and realize how stupid it was because I was only four and now that I'm ten I have a new part in my brain that lets me know if an idea is stupid -- like putting my hand on a hot burner or my tongue in an electrical outlet.

Let me assure you that this part of the brain is missing from Quentin Tarantino who not only made his first-ever script into a film, but made himself one of the stars. He plays one brother, George Clooney from "E.R." plays the other brother and together they shoot almost every other person that appears in the film. The only thing Quentin doesn't do in this film is direct, a task he leaves up to Richard Rodriguez, the guy who made "El Mariachi" with only $7,500 and a box of twinkies.

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