Dysfunktional Family

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This is a stand-up comedy film featuring Eddie ("Undercover Brother") Griffin with a few short scenes interspersed that feature the real-life family members who inspired many of his stories.

If you're interested in hearing a man set a record for the use of the n-word in a feature film, this might be your film. Griffin uses it so many times, it appears as though he's trying to set a world record. The n-word is to Eddie Griffin what "like" is to blondes. The word is practically part of the function of exhaling for him.

There's some sick irony in the fact that Griffin and his two uncles seem so mild-mannered. One uncle has a house full of tapes of himself having sex. The other uncle spent most of his life in jail for various offenses, though drug possession seems to be the major one.

While all seem sweet, it's no surprise that Griffin's sense of humor, largely derived from his experiences with these people, is so full of hate. Despite insisting that he has "nothing against homosexuals," his fear obviously runs deep. His disdain for women (obviously affected by Uncle Porny) may be even worse. Though jokes at the expense of these groups are hardly uncommon, Griffin's unapologetic meanness drags this film into the gutter where Griffin would live, were there any justice in the world.

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