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Let's ignore the fact that thirty minutes of Matt LeBlanc and his charming doofus routine on "Friends" is about twenty-nine minutes too much. The real question here is: Who is this guy's agent? And if he's got an agent this dumb, how smart can he really be? Together, they seem to have come up with the idea that Matt should play second banana to a circus midget doing gymnastics while dressed as a monkey.

Believe it or not, watching "Ed" provided divine inspiration, for Lo, I thought God had reached down from the Heavens and tightened the Holy Vice Grips on my bewildered brain. In between counting the farting jokes and trying to figure out whether Matt had fallen asleep in a tanning booth or overdosed on Melatonin, I tried to imagine what rock Universal overturned to discover this bad excuse for a TV movie.

Imagine eating somebody else's vomit and you just begin to get a taste for a movie that pretends a chimp can drive a truck, understand English and play baseball. Finally, pay attention to how the movie was filmed. Since everyone in it is a dork and Matt LeBlanc throws a baseball like a limp-wristed Martian, every shot is a closeup, presumably so prepubescent girls can coo at Matt's Brazilian-like skin tone.

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