Eight Crazy Nights

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First, Adam Sandler stretched his acting muscle like a 100 lb. weakling trying to stretch a rubber hose with his turn in "Punch Drunk Love." Now Sandler is trying to ride the coattails of "South Park" by creating his own animated musical. I think it's about time Sandler stopped trying to impersonate a talented person and go back to whatever he was doing before acting, like flipping burgers or detailing cars.

Of all things, this is a Hanukkah film, which ranks right up there alongside Groundhog Day in Jewish holiday importance. Of course, you can't do an animated Jewish film on Yom Kippur because none of the mostly Christian audience would know what the hell you were talking about. Give them an animated film about buying gifts and they get that, though I don't think any film should be made about a holiday that nobody seems to spell the same.

The animated character that looks like Sandler is named Davey Stone, and he's a complete jackass. In fact, this whole film is mean, unpleasant, unfunny, and boring. If it wasn't for the boring and unfunny parts, I would have loved it. Unfortunately, Stone has a bug up his ass over the fact his parents died when he was a kid and now he's taking it out on an entire town by drinking heavily and being a complete nuisance. Just as he's about to go to prison for 10 years, a nice old hairy guy named Whitey volunteers to keep an eye on Davey for the judge.

Davey then proceeds to treat Whitey like shit (a word that is used over and over again in this PG-13 film, suggesting that the ratings board is about as useful as having Anna Nicole Smith on your Trivial Pursuit team). Davey even shoves an outhouse down a hill with Whitey in it (didn't we see this on "Jackass"?). Is this all Sandler's got? Throw in a few songs that are about as creative as a medley from a Kansas dinner theater and "Eight Crazy Nights" is enough to drive you crazy with boredom.

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