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People like Tracy Flick (Reese Witherspoon) are the kinds of people that make life miserable, especially when you're in high school. They're always the ones raising their hands to answer every question. They're always the ones volunteering to be the chair of this or president of that leaving the rest of us who didn't give a shit to wonder what kind of illegal stimulant mom was putting in their Wheaties.

As Mr. McAllister's (Matthew Broderick) life goes down the toilet he gets this idea that he's going to derail Tracy's one-track transcript hunt by finding somebody to run against her in her bid to become student body president. He picks the former star football team quarterback, Paul (Chris Klein), who looks and acts like Keanu Reeves after drinking a quart of cough syrup.

Speaking of impressions, everybody in this film sounds as if they're trying to repress a Minnesota accent even though the movie takes place in Omaha. I think that the Minnesota accent is such the rage these days that actors, no matter where their character might reside, want to demonstrate they're capable of doing it.

WARNING: This film contains scenes of Matthew Broderick simulating sex. Instead of waxing concerned over the effect of movie violence on young people, everybody should set their sights on this film and others (featuring, most notably, Ben Stiller) that threaten to severely curtail procreation around the world. It's this type of scene that, no matter what a movie has to offer, stops it cold. I guarantee you that if "Star Wars" included a scene of Matthew Broderick having sex George Lucas would be eating out of garbage cans now.

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  • Whose bright idea was it to let Ferris Bueller (Matthew Broderick)behind the camera? Directing talent aside, shouldn't this distinction be reserved for actors who can, at the very least, act?

  • The only thing I knew about this film prior to seeing it was that it won an award of some sort at Sundance.

  • Director Roland Emmerich and producer Dean Devlin were obviouslyraised by birds.

Honolulu has first Internet election for public office

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

From Faux News:

Honolulu has just taken its first tentative steps in transforming voting into a home activity.

Friday marked the last day of Web-based voting for neighborhood advisory board seats in what is being touted as the nation's first all-digital election. 

City officials say the experiment appears to have generated few problems; it has even saved the financially strapped city around $100,000.

Before the first day of balloting May 6, voters living in 22 neighborhood board districts with contested races received a passcode that, along with the last four digits of their Social Security number, gave them access to an election Web site created by Everyone Counts. 

Voting also was conducted by phone, with results electronically fed into the same computer system that collected the Web votes. The balloting ended at midnight Friday, and results should be ready Tuesday, Mick said. 

Internet voting differs in that voting can be done from home or the office. Steele noted the computer codes in her firm's system are available for auditing, and that each completed ballot is heavily encrypted, as is the overall system. The process is more secure than that used in Internet banking, she added. 

Four people selected by the Neighborhood Commission hold passwords to access the decryption keys, and at least three of them must be present to obtain the keys. 


{;-) Dan in Miami

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