The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland

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I saw the trailer to this movie, which was obviously enough. Elmo loses his blanket in Oscar the Grouch's trash can, then decides to try and find it. He falls through the can and into Grouchland where he discovers a world of dirt and rudeness.

Seeing this film or not seeing this film, there's not much I could tell you about it that you couldn't already figure out. Does Elmo eventually find his blanket or is he decapitated by Oscar and his corpse feasted on by the residents of Grouchland? You make the call. Does Elmo sing songs about what a good thing it is to be nice to others or is he force-fed sewage?

Just for amusement's sake, here are a few other things that do not happen in this film:

0. Elmo walks in on a Grouchland orgy and has his head used as a buttplug.
1. Unable to identify some spoiled food, Oscar straps Elmo down and pulls out Elmo's teeth one by one while asking, "Is it quiche?"
2. We discover how Big Bird really got his name.
3. As part of their two-man play, Burt and Ernie perform the Ned Beatty scene from "Deliverance."
4. Several muppets just absolutely beat the crap out of Snuffleupagus.

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Man attacks Elmo. Elmo wins.

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

Sounds like something from the movie review above.  Only in Flori-duh.



{;-) Dan in (wackyland) Miami 


PS:  When you think about it would be hard to win a boxing match against a guy in one of those heavy duty creature outfits.  Where would you punch him?

My fond hope

RidingFool's picture

is that the guitar store will sue Elmo for willful destruction of property for slamming the man into a guitar display.

Can you tell I hate Elmo and anyone who wears anything similar?

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