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This movie is so stupid and insulting that somebody ought to take director Michael Apted, producers Irwin Winkler and Rob Cowan, and screenwriter Nicholas Kazan, and toss them naked into a NOW meeting following a screening of this wretched piece of crap, then let the gathered women castrate each of them with the remnants of their audience reaction cards.

Notice, if you haven't already, that these are all men, yet this movie is about a woman named Slim (Jennifer Lopez), who gets a little self-defense training and beats the piss out of her abusive husband, Mitch (Billy Campbell). While this should be a scenario that inspires female empowerment, it does quite the opposite, since I believed Jennifer Lopez could beat the snot out of Billy Campbell about as much as I believed she could fit into a size 1. I think if these guys cared one iota about making a feminist statement, they would have put Slim in a situation that seemed mildly believable.

After Slim spends the whole film running around the country and Mitch, rich boy that he is, keeps finding her, she gets that fateful self-defense training. Okay, after a month of self-defense training, Jennifer Lopez could probably put a pretty good whoopin' on Christina Aguilera, but I don't know about a 6'4" guy, unless he's in a wheelchair or something. But Slim doesn't just become good at kicking ass, she becomes 007. She breaks into Mitch's house, jams his cell phone, finds all his weapons, and then provokes him into violence. Now, I don't know about Canada or Britain or some of those other third world countries, but here in America that's premeditation and worthy of some kind of conviction. And don't get me wrong: Any woman who's the subject of any kind of physical abuse from her husband ought to introduce his genital area to a lawn mower while he's asleep.

To be honest, the makers of "Enough" aren't much better with their male characters. Mitch goes from angel to villain in a heartbeat. One minute he's Slim's knight in shining armor and the next he's sleeping with half the town and slapping her across the face. Though Slim seems pretty cautious traveling across the country with her daughter, Mitch finds her at every stop. Maybe the CIA should hire this guy to find Osama Bin Laden. Apparently, all you have to do is hire a couple large thugs and they'll just sort of run into Osama in some Islamic supermarket.

My favorite character in the film, without a doubt, is Slim's estranged dad, Jupiter (Fred Ward), whom she tracks down in San Francisco. Jupiter is some Internet guru who's made loads of money but has failed to provide for his family. Apparently the filmmakers haven't heard, but guys like Jupiter are now standing on street corners with cardboard signs that read, "Will HTML for food." My last riff on this film is as predictable as the film itself: I had more than enough of "Enough."

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