Escape to Witch Mountain

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Special guest reviewer: Mr. Smiley!

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Prozacerrific! Wow, I can't feel my feet!

It's so important to find family and appreciate one's family and this movie teaches us that with some of the most incredible storytelling and special effects and Disney magic ever!

We meet Tony (Ike Eisenmann) and Tia (Kim Richards) in an orphanage and right away we see how special they are. Tony is playing in a baseball game and Tia squints her eyes and makes Tony jump 20 feet in the air to catch a baseball. I stood up and yelled, "Hooray! He's out!" Anyway, you just know how special these kids are and I wanted to be like them sooo much, but I knew I couldn't because to my knowledge I've never had telekinetic powers.

Not only do Tony and Tia have telekinetic powers, but Tia can see the future. Tia saves Lucas Deranian's (Donald Pleasence) life, which is really great, but really bad too because Deranian works for Aristotle Bolt (Ray Milland), who wants to use Tony's and Tia's power for bad things. Fortunately, Tony and Tia meet Jason (Eddie Albert). Now, the director, John Hough, tries to put one over on us, but I knew right away that Jason would help Tony and Tia even though Hough wants us to think Jason is mean.

Eventually, Jason helps Tony and Tia find their family and we discover an amazing secret that I won't reveal here because it might ruin the film, so just let me say that "E.T." has nothing on this movie (but I loved "E.T." just as much).

Come on and escape: See "Escape to Witch Mountain"!

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