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This film is no more than four teenagers traveling through Europe. The stupid excuse the film uses to get them there involves an email exchange between Scott (Scott Mechlowicz) and a German pen pal he thinks is a guy. Scott and Cooper (Jacob Pitts) travel along with the twins, Jenny (Michelle Trachtenberg) and Jamie (Travis Wester).

When Scott realizes that the pal's name is Mieke and not Mike, off to Europe he goes to hunt the hot chick down because she's told him via email that "he's the one." Anybody who's ever tried romance via email knows that "you're the one" is the real world equivalent of "bite me, frog boy," so I was just a bit skeptical of Scott's impending romance.

Fortunately for Scott, Mieke has sent him a picture and she's hotter than the sun. Of course, as anybody who's ever surfed the Internet knows, every girl looks exactly like her picture and every guy really is as tall as he says.

The thing that pissed me off the most about this film was Scott Thomas's little buddy, Cooper. The actor playing Cooper, Jacob Pitts, was either told by director Jeff Schaffer or just went with his gut instinct, and decided to spend the whole movie doing an impression of David Spade.

Here's the thing: If I were depressed and thinking about killing myself and wanted to seal the deal, I'd take in a David Spade movie marathon. It's just disturbing to be forced to watch some two-bit, teenage actor trying desperately to prove that he's the next David Spade. Is this what comedy acting has come to?

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