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Apparently when this screenplay first wandered into the sights of Ivan Reitman, it was a serious science fiction film. However, because Reitman doesn't know drama from a hole in the wall, a hole in his head, or gaping holes in a screenplay, he decided that the idea of aliens coming to earth and evolving really fast made more sense for a comedy. Thus, he had a writer -- or perhaps a random street lunatic -- rewrite the script and turn it into a laugh riot by inserting a female government worker who trips and falls down a lot.

There's nothing funny in the movie, and the dialogue feels as though it's been entirely improvised. David Duchovny (who, despite his protests to the contrary, seems to have finally decided to embrace a life of "X-Files" typecast roles) plays a community college professor who, along with his geology professor friend, Harry (Orlando Jones), discovers some interesting goo. Together they figure out that the goo is evolving rapidly. It starts transforming into increasingly menacing animals that threaten to destroy their community and eventually the Earth.

Julianne Moore shows up as the government agent and promptly trips and falls, which is apparently Reitman's idea of good use of an Oscar-nominated actress. (This, after his "could you dance around naked and feed me donuts?" offer was apparently rejected.) The final piece of this puzzle is Seann William Scott, who remarks "It's a big loogie!" when he sees a monster that looks like a big loogie.

Reitman's lack of originality and creativity borders on the stunning. Duchovny is stuck in a role he should have avoided. Moore falls down. Jones says "great googly-moogly." Seann William Scott does that squinting thing a few dozen times. Add it all up and "Evolution" develops into little more than "Ghostbusters" with more computer graphics and less humor.

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