Executive Decision

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After working as an editor on such films as "Lethal Weapon," "Altered States" and "Die Hard 2: Die Harder," Stuart Baird makes his directorial debut in this action film, which should be titled "How Little American Guys of Differing Nationalities Beat the Crap Out of Some Nutty Arabs."

You've got one big white guy (Steven Seagal) in charge of a little Latino (John Leguizamo), a little Asian (B.D. Wong) an African-American (Joe Morton) and another white guy (Whip Hubley). It's a regular American melting pot. When they go to attack a plane hijacked by Arabs, the big white guy dies, which of course, leaves the little white guy who just happens to be along for the ride (Kurt Russell) in charge. There's another white guy (Oliver Platt) who could potentially take over, but he's kind of chubby and he's an engineer and chubby engineers can't be heroes in big action pictures.

The African-American threatens to become the primary hero, but then the filmmakers break his back, allowing Kurt Russel to ascend to the status of #1 ass kicker. So under the leadership of the white guy, the group of minorities saves America by killing all the Arabs. Thus, the moral of the story for minorities: Obey the white people or they'll shoot you full of holes (or get someone to do it for them).

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