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By now, nearly everyone knows about the disaster that befell this filmbefore it was released. Apparently, some test screenings were done in which the entire theater was pumped full of marijuana smoke. Naturally, everyone giggled hysterically -- the only problem was that it had nothing to do with the film. About seventy percent of the audience managed to get their arms stuck in the cup holders and thought it the funniest thing in the world, while the other thirty percent spent the majority of the time at the concessionaire.

This prompted John Cleese and co-writer Iain Johnstone to go back, rewrite and add some scenes. They also got rid of director Robert ("Splitting Heirs") Young and hired Fred ("Splitting the Paycheck") Schepisi. So you can imagine what a mess this film is.

Its only bankable aspect is that it has the original cast from "A Fish Called Wanda," which means that the filmmakers are going to keep reminding you of this fact in the hope that you won't realize how badly you're being ripped off. "Fierce Creatures" is about a zoo that's purchased by a businessman (Kevin Kline) and forced to turn a hefty profit, prompting the director, Rollo Lee (John Cleese), to get rid of all the nice animals and attract people with only fierce creatures.

There are four things that are supposed to make this film funny: people dressing up in silly costumes, Kevin Kline acting like an idiot, Jamie Lee Curtis showing off or referring to her breasts in her role as executive-with-a-heart-of-gold Willa Weston, and John Cleese's constant use of malapropisms. When, at the end, Rollo calls Willa "Wanda," the joke is on the audience.

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