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One of director David Ellis's credits prior to this sequel was another sequel, "Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco," a movie that was the "Plan 9 From Outer Space" of talking animal films and set Michael J. Fox's career so far back that his contracting Parkinson's was actually viewed as a professional advance.

Despite the fact that this is the second film in the series, I'm still not sure how the filmmakers came up with the name Clear Rivers (Ali Larter). I think somebody just got a really good lap dance during a visit to a Niagara Falls Strip Club. As is common with sequels, the filmmakers don't remain true to the spirit of the original, and such is the case with "Final Destination 2." I'm sure the filmmakers assume that us moviegoers don't pay attention to the important details of character, but some of us do, and I must say, I was horribly disappointed and saddened that nothing in this film presents Clear with an opportunity to show off the welding skills she exhibited in the first film.

In fact, Clear could have come to the rescue when one of the characters gets her head stuck in some elevator doors. Clear could have pulled out her blowtorch and freed the poor woman, but no such luck. Apparently, however long she spent as a voluntary inmate at the local asylum eliminated her desire to weld. Clear leaves her safe haven to help Kimberley (A.J. Cook) after Kim escapes death's design by avoiding a car crash. She uses her SUV to block traffic, thus saving the lives of a bunch of other people and setting up the death sequences that will form the next 90 minutes of this film as those people are picked off one by one.

Now, I thought Death was a dude of some sort, like in "Monty Python and the Meaning of Life," where he shows up in a hood and you pretty much know things are over. The "Final Destination" movies would have us believe that Death is more like a computer program that gets a hiccup every now and then, allowing some teenager to glimpse the code for a split second. Naturally, it's always a teenager who gets these visions and coincidentally, nobody over 30 is anywhere in the vicinity when that happens. This would be a good thing if avoiding death's design involved lots of nude hot-tubbing. It's rather an unfortunate thing when avoiding death's design involves lots of complicated problem-solving.

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