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I was just looking to see what I gave the first two movies and discovered that each received three bombs, so that pretty much puts me in a kind of weird film critic purgatory as my guess is that anyone who reads all three reviews is basically going to be asking this question, "Okay, dumbass, three bombs for each film? How in the hell does that help me distinguish between them?"

Well, first of all, it's not like you're going to be trying to figure out which of the three films to see or something. Either you've seen all of them or you haven't seen any of them and you're going to go rent the first one and decide if you should continue. However, I will say this: "Final Destination 3" is the worst of the lot.

I thought the goal with these films was this: misdirection. Let's face it, after the first film, the whole point of making a sequel is simply to challenge the audience to figure out how each character was going to get killed off in a new way. It's a play on the classic horror film. Everyone asks themselves, "Who's going to get it next and how are they going to get it?" It seems to me the filmmakers behind this film just got lazy, threw in one boring bit of misdirection in each sequence, and then killed off the next character. They're like magicians who don't care that coins are falling out of their sleeves and pigeons are flying from their pockets.

The only character that matters is Wendy Christensen (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) because she's the one who recognizes that she and her friends have escaped death after a roller coaster mishap. She tells her friend Kevin (Ryan Merriman) and they proceed to try to convince everyone else on the coaster in front of them that they're doomed and to, you know, avoid sharp objects and Dick Cheney. Wendy has some photographs that she uses to help her figure out just how people are going to die so she can prevent it, but it doesn't really work.

With any luck, the third film is the final destination for the entire series.

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