Forces of Nature

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This is one of those films that's so devoid of original ideas that whenthe actors reveal in the media or in the production notes that they were "really drawn to the project by the outstanding script," you wonder if their literary vocabulary consists solely of People magazine articles and Nora Roberts books.

In the first fifteen minutes, Ben's (Ben Affleck) plane runs off the runaway and he ends up hitching a ride with Sarah (Sandra Bullock). He's supposed to get from New York to Savannah for his wedding to Bridget (Maura Tierney) and things have suddenly become difficult. Let's see, Ben Affleck is stuck with Sandra Bullock in a small vehicle, and they're driving all the way to Georgia. Is he going to fall in love with her even though they're complete opposites? Holy shit, I think so.

The casting in this thing is just pathetic. First of all, how unbelievably stupid do you have to be to give the main character the same name as the actor playing him? How much of a reach is it for somebody to just do a little find/replace on the old script and change Ben to "Steve" or "Gary"? For the love of Jesus. And Sarah isn't exactly worlds away from "Sandra," either. Was this the only way director Bronwen ("Harriet the Spy") Hughes could get them to react to each other on the set?

Then there's the actual acting. We're supposed to believe that Sandra Bullock is being edgy here (note the dark make-up -- this means "edgy" in the Hollywood-to-English dictionary). Affleck's character has all the personality of a medicated sloth. If there's anything at all surprising about the film it's the ending, but you'll be lucky if the forces of nature don't put you in a coma long before you get there.

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