The Forgotten

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Oh, how I wish I had been one of the forgotten on this film's invitation list.

Director Joseph ("Money Train") Ruben appears desperate for a "Sixth Sense"-like film. Unfortunately, he forgets to explain what's going on. Imagine "The Sixth Sense" ending prior to the revelation that Bruce Willis is dead, and you get an idea of the look that'll be on your face after you exit "The Forgotten." I actually walked up to the theater manager after it was all over and asked, "Does anybody have any idea what was going on there?"

Before reading further, you should be warned that I'm going to reveal a couple key developments. However, I firmly believe that if I told you every single thing that happened in the film, with a level of detail heretofore unseen in the annals of movie reviewing history, there'd still be no true spoiler because the thing that could potentially be spoiled is missing from the film.

The spoiled moment should be the fact that Telly Paretta (Julianne Moore) is under hypnosis or that aliens have abducted her child or that she's living in the Matrix, but what I think happens is that the filmmakers just figured out that no explanation was going to be satisfactory and why make a bad film worse? Telly is seeing psychiatrist Jack Munce (Gary Sinise) to recover from the trauma of losing her son in a plane crash. Her husband, Jim (Anthony Edwards), seems mostly over it, but Telly just isn't recovering.

Suddenly, all of her son's stuff is gone and he's missing from their photos. Then Jim tells Telly that they never had a son. Then Telly runs off to find Ash (Dominic West), who was the father of one of her son's friends. Then government agents chase them. Then Detective Anne Pope (Alfre Woodard), a NY cop and a person who believes Ash and Telly for no apparent reason IS SUCKED UP INTO THE SKY!

And then everything goes back to normal and the movie ends.

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