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As Mr. Cranky, I can definitively state that life is more like a box of turds than a box of chocolates. Metaphorically speaking, how many times have you bitten down on sweet candy only to end up eating crap? A few of Forrest's buddies can back me up here. John F. Kennedy thought he was going to make a great speech in Dallas. Lyndon Johnson thought he'd build a Great Society. And Richard Nixon thought bugging phones would make him omnipotent.

Concentrate on this film and you'll quickly smell the rank odor accompanying the depoliticization of history. Director Robert Zemeckis turns dimwitted Forrest (Tom Hanks) into the hero by showing him not worrying and being happy while some of the most important historical events of his time pass him by. Meanwhile, Jenny's (Robin Wright) life goes right down the tubes as she tries her best to contribute to society. Thanks for trying to be politically active, Jenny -- here's a fatal disease for your troubles.

Ultimately, Forrest creates a new mantra for the modern world: Ignorance is bliss. Thanks, Robert -- America needed that.

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Review: Overrated - The

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Review: Overrated - The early parts of this movie play like a comedy which turns serious when Forrest is drafted. Then it goes from serious to some self - congratulatory nonsense that has history being made every time Forrest speaks or goes out of the house. The idea that someone would even want to take credit for t shirt slogans like "Shit Happens" speaks for itself. Forrest Gump seems to live by those words as he never really accomplishes anything that isn't sheer dumb blind luck. Forrest Gump has in his life time become football hero, college graduate, war hero, entrepeneur and living legend all without the slightest idea in Hell what he's doing. The story drags on far too long and becomes boring and tedious at the end.


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