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Sun spots allow John Sullivan (Jim Caviezel) to talk to his dead father, Frank (Dennis Quaid), over a ham radio. Sounds like somebody has been smoking paint chips, don't it? Sure enough, John, living in 1999, talks to his dad, who's living in 1969. There in the same house, in the same room, using the same radio.

Anybody who finds the notion of changing the past the least bit appealing is also, although they may not realize it, interested in believing that God does not exist. Very simply, "Frequency" advocates atheism.

How does it do that, you ask? Because it argues that if we could only change the past, we could make it better. Sure, John tells his dad how to get out of a fire and save his life, but in the end, God's divine plan for the Sullivans is what the Congressional order "Do not sell arms to the Contras" was to Oliver North -- a big vat of boiling dog feces. Director Gregory Hoblit and screenwriter Toby Emmerich are mooning the Big Guy and urging Him to kiss their hairy asses. If you want to be able to change the past -- if you even want to imagine the idea -- deep down, you also don't want God to exist. In fact, by even seeing this movie, you are a puppet for the atheists. They have you by the groin and they're dragging you around saying, "Do our bidding." More than you bargained for in exchange for seven bucks, huh?

Basically, this was like a bad episode of "Star Trek." There are more what-ifs floating around this film than a coed mixer in the physics department. Once Frank survives the fire, there are a whole slew of things John should be telling him. Put everything on the Jets in next year's Super Bowl. Buy IBM stock. A whole bunch of rock stars are going to be choking on their own vomit -- warn them! Instead, John tells little Gordo (Noah Emmerich) to buy Yahoo. Then they're playing softball together at the end of the movie. Right. If John had any brains at all he would have been barking "buy Yahoo!" like a dog with a left-brain seizure every moment he was on the ham radio.

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