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Let's discuss the unibrow for a moment, shall we?

The real Frida Kahlo, the one not portrayed by Salma Hayek in this movie, had a unibrow that was so thick, Supercuts would actually charge her more than $7.95 to work on it. However, in the movie, it's barely noticeable. It's sort of like Frida spent a little time rubbing Rogaine on the bridge of her nose. You can see the hair starting to grow there, but you have to look closely.

Why is the unibrow not more pronounced? Well, Hollywood vanity of course. You just can't have Salma Hayek working in a movie with a full-fledged unibrow or what is the director of her next movie going to think about her sex appeal? It might be diminished. Audiences who saw "Frida" will not want to see Salma's next movie regardless of whether she's sporting her normal eyebrows or not because they will hearken back to "Frida" and remember the unibrow and then be sick or maybe slightly less interested in seeing her next movie, even if it's titled "Salma Hayek Frolics Naked."

Amazingly, nobody in the film even mentions the unibrow. Nobody says to Frida, "Hey, why don't you shave a space between your eyebrows so you look like a normal person?" I bet they said that to the real Frida all the time. Her husband, Diego Rivera (Alfred Molina) never says a word. Tina Modotti (Ashley Judd) doesn't say anything. Neither does Leon Trotsky (Geoffrey Rush).

But this isn't the real Frida. Frida Kahlo might have been a great artist, but let's face it: Keith Richards is a more appealing woman. But in the world of Hollywood, Salma Hayek is Frida and suddenly, all her sexual adventures become infinitely more exciting. Nobody but nobody wants to see Keith Richards getting his groove on, but put Salma in some slinky clothing and people wouldn't question it even if she were trying to portray Idi Amin.

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