Fun with Dick and Jane

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This movie was a long 90 minutes and a complete waste of any talent that either Jim Carrey or Tea Leoni might actually have. Apparently, whatever talent they do have doesn't extend to knowing a good script when they see it.

We might also question what skill writer Judd ("40-Year-Old Virgin") Apatow has, as he's credited with writing the script. However, since there are also a couple of other credited writers, I'm willing to give Apatow a pass as this was probably one of those rewriting hack jobs that he got paid a million dollars to work on for a couple of weeks when the producers realized the movie was going to suck unless they did something. Does anybody know of one of those last minute rewrites that actually worked? I don't.

When a movie tries to make fun of a corporate system it is obviously all too happy to work within, comedy is nearly impossible, and such is the case with "Fun with Dick and Jane", which seems to be trying to have its cake and eat it too. It wants to ridicule the Enrons and the Worldcoms and the Ken Lays and the Bernard Ebbers of the world while it pauses on scenes such as the one where Dick Harper (Jim Carrey) pulls into a parking lot full of new BMWs in his old BMW. I guess we're supposed to be sad. I guess we're supposed to sympathize with Dick because he gets screwed out of that new BMW when the CEO of his company, Jack McAllister (Alec Baldwin), and the CFO, Frank Bascom (Richard Jenkins), run the company into the ground.

See the problem? See the conflict that poses a wall for comedy so high that Superman couldn't leap it? It's the new BMW as metaphor that's the whole problem here. The "evil" CEO Jack wants a new BMW too, it's just that his costs $400 million dollars. It's that desire for that newer and newer Beemer that drives the kind of corporate crime this movie wants to ridicule while its main character is barely distinguishable in motivation from his bosses.

Ultimately, Dick and Jane find satisfaction in charity, but it's so hollow as to be laughable. It would probably be one of the funnier things in this unfunny film, if the irony weren't so sad.

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