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Who really cares what this movie is about? Let's get right to its main problem: If, as a filmmaker, you're going to have a scene in which the movie's protagonist is fighting Bob Barker, you don't let Bob Barker win!

Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler), hockey player turned golfer, is playing in a pro-am with Bob and Bob starts insulting him and they get into some fisticuffs. Of course, when he wrote the scene, Adam was probably thinking that such self-deprecating humor would be the way to go. Wrong! With a short take-off of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," a few personal demons could have been exorcised forever and this movie could have tripled its take. Would you pay $7.50 to see Bob Barker's decapitated head bounce off the green into a water hazard? I'd pay twice!

However, Bob Barker wins and "Happy Gilmore" turns out to be yet another movie based on the faulty premise that people from Saturday Night Live are funny. This movie also features SNL alumnus Kevin Nealon. I mean, I'm sure the guy needs work, but he's just not funny. Jesus, let the guy hold a light or something -- just get him on the other side of the camera. Little cameos like this give people like Melanie Hudsell, Robin Duke and Gary Kroeger ideas and the next thing you know moviegoers will be chopping their own heads off to seek relief.

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