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If Spike Lee were any more obtuse he would be a straight line (note: The cadre of Mr. Cranky researchers has informed me that 4.5% of our readership consists of engineering and mathematics geeks and that jokes appealing to their interests might be in order). Lee, the great god of Knicks fans, wants to say something about the repetition and depersonalization of life. Unfortunately, he gives us not a clue as to what that "something" is.

Girl 6 refers to the designation given Theresa Randle's character when she takes a job as a phone sex operator. Girl 6 is actually an actress, but so far her auditions consist of being asked to take her top off so that directors can "see her tits." The opening sequence features Quentin Tarantino doing just that, as if we didn't already know that the film industry inventories women right along with "thumb tacks" and "toilet paper." Unable to distance herself from the tit thing, Girl 6 takes the phone sex job and becomes a social pariah, irritating her neighbor, Jimmy (Spike Lee), and shoplifting ex-husband (Isaiah Washington).

If you're unable to figure out the point of this film, Lee offers up distractions to make things even more confusing. The music of the film is credited to Prince and not "the man formerly known as Prince" or that ridiculously idiotic symbol he uses to represent his name. Madonna, another one-name, singer-songwriter, also appears in the film as a kind of phone sex madame (there's a stretch), breaking the previously sacred "only one music-industry freak per film" rule.

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