Gone Fishin'

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Gone Fishin' is not a film to be watched; it is a film to be survived.

Perhaps it will one day be considered brilliant because its plot can be summed up with a simple statement: Two guys, Joe (Joe Pesci) and Gus (Danny Glover), go fishing. Perhaps it will one day be studied in film schools because its writers were so skilled at capturing the syntax and linguistic contours of the typical middle American moron fisherman. Perhaps not.

It's a lot more likely that everybody associated with this film is a complete idiot who wouldn't know funny if it swam up and nibbled on his genitals. Here's the first question that you'll ask yourself as you watch this film: How in the hell did it get made? In these situations the answer is usually "somebody is sleeping with somebody" or "somebody knows somebody" or "somebody has pictures of somebody else engaging in unnatural acts with the gorilla from 'Buddy.'" In this case, you might notice that the writer/executive producer is Jill Mazursky, who just happens to be the daughter of longtime Hollywood director Paul ("Scenes from a Mall") Mazursky, a generous daddy who is apparently quick to lavish his children with cars, clothes and throwaway films.

And while we're mistaking entitlement for talent, what is it again that Joe Pesci has to offer the film world? Little did the Academy know when it gave him an Oscar for "Goodfellas" that he would use it to parlay his "idiotic weasel" schtick into a film persona that would haunt moviegoers for ages.

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