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It's not exactly a revelation to anyone that Texas is filled with morons, but the percentage of them roaming the streets of the small West Texas town at the heart of "The Good Girl" must be higher than any other place outside of prison. Pretty much everybody is a moron, which means that we're supposed to sit in one place and laugh at their pathetic lives and odd antics. Frankly, if that were the sort of thing I wanted to laugh at, I'd head over to the local locked ward and crack up as the whackos urinate on themselves and throw Jell-O at each other.

Leading the circus of stupidity is Justine Last (Jennifer Aniston), a sales clerk at the local Retail Rodeo, who goes to work and laments the fact she's bored out of her mind. Then she goes home to her house painter husband, Phil (John C. Reilly), and his best friend Bubba (Tim Blake Nelson). Generally, Phil and Bubba spend their free time sitting on the couch stoned out of their gourds. This causes Justine to lament some more about what a sorry state her life is in.

Let me quickly cover the number of freaks in the film, just so everyone can get a taste for their freakishness without having to pay admission for the privilege:

  • Justine (Jennifer Aniston) - 30-year-old wife. Thinks that sleeping with a troubled 22-year-old will somehow solve her problems.
  • Phil (John C. Reilly) - Justine's husband. Gets stoned. Paints houses. Hangs out with Bubba.
  • Bubba (Tim Blake Nelson) - Phil's best friend. Gets stoned. Hangs out with Phil. Ogles Justine.
  • Gwen Jackson (Deborah Rush) - Justine's giddy co-worker. Forgets that she's a loser by being clinically giddy.
  • Corny (Mike White) - Store security guard. Mostly interested in Bible study, but in a way that makes you think he'll stab you in the face if you're not interested too.
  • Cheryl (Zooey Deschanel) - Justine's co-worker. Gets jollies by being the worst sales clerk possible. Somehow maintains employment.
  • Holden Worther (Jake Gyllenhaal) - Retail Rodeo cashier. Miserable. Psychotic. Drunk. Makes J.D. Salinger look downright social.

Justine starts having an affair with Holden for no particular reason, then discovers that Holden is psycho. This leads to all sorts of problems for her, since it's a small town and pretty much everybody knows about it. Ultimately, her solution to fixing this thorny problem involves nothing more complex than her behaving rationally for about five seconds.

I guess the point of this movie is to demonstrate how lack of intelligence and lack of motivation can be a terrible combination. How ironic that the filmmakers now have a resumé item demonstrating this very thing.

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