Good Night, and Good Luck

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George Clooney is such a bleeding heart liberal that it seeps from his film like water from a broken New Orleans levy. Here, he's quite obviously trying to draw some parallel between the culture of McCarthyism during the 1950's and the current Patriot Act culture of today, and the style and substance of McCarthy and the style and substance of George W. Bush.

I say fuck George Clooney. President Bush is nothing like Senator McCarthy. First of all, McCarthy was the junior Senator from his state. Bush was never a Senator. He was first a governor and then the President. McCarthy was balding and had this huge pockmark in the middle of his brow. President Bush has a good head of hair and has a relatively unpockmarked face. McCarthy was from Wisconsin. Bush is not from Wisconsin.

This movie is about newsman Edward R. Murrow's (David Strathairn) clash with Senator McCarthy when Murrow went on the air at CBS during his news program and essentially called out McCarthy for persecuting people. There are several important things to remember here. First, McCarthy was right! Well, he wasn't right all the time, but he was right some of the time. There absolutely were Communists and Communist sympathizers in the government. The Left was well known for looking to Stalin for inspiration. So what if he went after a few innocent people. We were at war -- the Cold War. The liberals just like to whine because a few of them got their hands slapped.

Another thing Clooney does is he makes William Paley (Frank Langella), the owner of the network, or the big boss, or whatever he is, out to be a bad guy because he doesn't want Murrow and Fred Friendly (Clooney) to attack McCarthy on the air. What's wrong with that? At the time, attacking McCarthy could have ruined CBS. Is it wrong of a businessman to want to stay in business? Clooney apparently would say yes.

This whole film is just a bunch of liberal whining if you ask me.

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