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Here's a lesson in crappy scriptwriting and directing for those of you looking to make lots of money being a hack -- it's really easy to spring a surprise on your audience if you simply eliminate a crucial sequence from the film.

For instance, let's say you've been following the main character around for the entire film as he ponders the sudden murders of everybody around him. People are dropping dead everywhere. Suddenly, at the end of the film, the main character looks down and he's holding a knife covered in blood. You see, as the deft director/screenwriter that you are, you simply eliminated all the sequences in the film involving the main character killing anybody and thus, sprung a surprise at the end. Good for you!

In a nutshell, something like this is what happens at the end of "Gossip." A huge surprise is sprung because the filmmakers simply don't allow us to know what's going on. When I was in elementary school, we called this CHEATING. Usually the cheater had to go sit in a corner. I suggest director Davis Guggenheim be forced to direct the next Pauley Shore film.

The film is about three friends: Derrick (James Marsden), Jones (Lena Headey) and Travis (Norman Reedus), who start a false rumor that Naomi (Kate Hudson) and Beau (Joshua Jackson) had sex. The rumor spreads and eventually Naomi accuses Beau of rape. But wait, there's more. Derrick has some secrets involving Naomi which give him a reason to start such a nasty rumor. Instead of exploring the power of rumors, the filmmakers decided that facile trickery would be more fun, probably because they're fat, lazy slobs who wouldn't know good writing if it flew up their asses and sang a medley.

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