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The obvious question this movie raises should be pretty obvious to everyone: What in the hell is Sarah Polley doing getting poked by Stephen Rea?

Polley plays Harper Sloane, fresh out of college and trying desperately to avoid going to law school. She finds an out in Connie Fitzpatrick (Rea), whom she meets at her sister's wedding. He's a photographer. Harper doesn't like to be photographed, but he takes a great picture of her and she likes it so much she sleeps with him (Note to self: stop by Wolf Camera on way home from work.) Connie convinces her she can be a great artist, and that such praise has absolutely nothing to do with him wanting in her pants.

Connie refers to Harper as Guinevere. Harper quickly learns that he has attributed this name to a number of other women, including Billie (Gina Gershon.) This, in turn, begs the question of why Gina Gershon would sleep with Stephen Rea. What, was Bob Hope all booked up? This happens early enough in the film that one supposedly cannot render criticism along the lines of, "Oh, look at the naïve girl sleeping with the older man!" Harper knows what she's getting into -- or, rather, what's getting into her.

The real reason Harper gets involved with Connie is that she comes from a family of lawyers, and short of killing herself, sleeping with a wizened old photographic dilettante is definitely a move in a positive direction. Writer/director Audrey Wells wants this film to say something about mentoring, I suppose. However, had I been a product of Harper's family -- forced to sit through excruciating dinner conversations revolving solely around legal blather -- I'd sleep with Stephen Rea, too.

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