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Visible penises. If I could boil down the greatest emerging comedy trend of the last year-and-a-half, it wouldn’t be Judd Apatow, it wouldn’t be Andy Samberg jizzing in his own pants, it would be visible penises. Apatow of course has had a hand – or whatever –in helping make this new comedic frontier a reality, but he’s also had a lot of help from a lot of exhibitionist actors.

It used to be that Harvey Keitel had the only visible penis in Hollywood. Oh, to go back to the days of yore when watching “The Bad Lieutenant” or maybe even “The Piano” meant the chance to catch a fleeting glimpse of Keitel’s fleshy monster. Then Kevin Bacon got in on the act too, not just in “Wild Things” but also “Hollow Man” where he essentially spent the entire film naked. And of course, who could ever forget Marky Mark’s prosthetic appendage at the end of “Boogie Nights” as he informed us all that “I’m a star, I’m a star, I’m a star.”

Now, as each of the actors mentioned above rocked out with their cocks out in a serious dramatic role, their frontal presentation is largely forgiven. After all, there are plenty of emotional messages that just can’t conveyed without a peek at someone’s foreskin and sac. However, modern comedies really have no message other than laughter that they need to transmit to the audience, which raises interesting questions about the resurgence in the full Monty for young comedians. Sometimes the nudity is incidental, a mere flash as a character leaps off of the john in total surprise, but other times, such as a protracted scene in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” where the protagonist has a lengthy heart to heart with his girlfriend while completely naked, the male member is played for stoic laughs, a jibe at the indignity of having to cope while your Johnson is exposed.

The reason I bring this up is because “The Hangover” is essentially an epic extension of the comedic penis’ penetration into the mainstream. Forget the drunken shenanigans, forget the tiger in the hotel bathroom, forget Mike Tyson’s awkward cameo – this movie is really about 1 thing: visible cock. Whether it’s Zach Galifianikis wandering around with no pants the morning after a decadent party, Ken Jeong leaping out of a car trunk completely naked to smother someone’s face with his junk and then brandish his wiener like a lethal weapon or Galifianikis receiving a graphic blowjob in an elevator during the film’s credits (WAS THAT A SPOILER?), cock has its winky fingerprints all over this movie.

If you don’t get enough man member in your life, whether it’s because of a farming accident when you were a little boy or a fear of men’s locker rooms that developed sometime during high school, then you are going to love “The Hangover.” If you aren’t sure just how much penis you can stomach (hawr hawr) while on a date with that girl you met online, then maybe you should skip this flick. Unless you met her on Adult Friend Finder. Or if she’s older than half your age, plus 7. I forget how that works.

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Ebert said it earned every

jazzdrive3's picture

Ebert said it earned every bit of it's R rating.

Did the peniseses get any lines in the movie?

The_Little_General's picture

Personally I don't approve of running around naked. When I'm not wearing one of my uniforms, I'm usually in a hat wearing a nice turtle neck sweater.


Braintape's picture

You listen to Ebert? Hey, I didn't like the new Star Trek movie, but I'll be the first to admit Ebert had unrealistic expectations for it.

Given a map, Ebert couldn't find his ass with both hands. If you can stand the traditional critic at all, Siskel was the only one worth a squat in that duo, and he's busy burning in hell, according to South Park...

Star Trek, South Park, the Bible, what's the difference?

I Though Joaquin Phoenix Quit Acting....

Nuke_Mecca's picture

...Or is that a pussy in the guy's mouth?

After the homosexuals complete their cultural takeover...

Scumby's picture

this is all we'll see, and titties will be banned from the screen.  Everyone will be bottomless like in that Ed & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo flick.

Yeah, but...

michael3b's picture

...our property values will be way up, and we'll all be very well dressed

What??? Lesbians don't like tits??

Coaster's picture

I'm devastated. 

But I still wanna watch.

I find the disrespect you show

Anonymous's picture

for the Lebanese and their dislike of tits to be extremely disgusting. This is a movie review board, not some faux Craiglist where advertising for clients is allowed.

On the other hand, I never met a Lebanese I didn't like, unless she was big, fat and butch.

Speaking of which, even fat chicks need lovin'.

Older than half my age plus 7?

Foo's picture

WTF is with that? Is that like some Golden Rule of Nymphet Impersonators or something? Here's my Golden Rule of Nymphets: if she's got tits and an ass, and looks vaguely good in a dim light, she's good to go.

gonna see

Magazine Master's picture

Despite the downsides this is a must see so that one could get own opinion on this flick. The cast is very new and all rising stars on the comedy field and cute too so this is a must see and I wonder how have not seen it yet.

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