Hard Rain

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It's no coincidence that the day after this movie had its world premiere, star and co-producer Christian Slater was thrown in jail for three months. Oh, sure, the press wants you to think that he beat up his girlfriend and bit somebody. Truth is, he was only going to get community service until he bribed the police with free passes to "Hard Rain."

This is a disaster film that begins after the disaster. There are a couple of armored car guys, Tom (Christian Slater) and Charlie (Ed Asner), driving around in this town where it's been raining forever and the dam is about to blow. After taking on a bunch of loot and getting stuck in the water, Jim (Morgan Freeman) and his band of idiots tries to steal the money, but runs into problems when Tom swims away and hides the loot.

The best thing about this film is that Ed Asner is offed early. Had the filmmakers seen fit to get rid of the other television personality, Betty White, they might have actually had something worth seeing. Unfortunately, White whines her way through the film as Jim chases Tom. When the Sheriff (Randy Quaid) finds out what's going on, he chases Jim. People chase each other in this film.

Obviously, this movie is no more than an excuse to put an absurd amount of water in a confined space and then see what neat cinematic tricks can be done. Given Slater's recent rash of psychotic behavior, I was hoping for the special effect in which he dives underwater -- and then isn't seen again.

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