Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

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Here's what I hope the sequel will be titled: "Harold and Kumar Go to Jail." Perhaps the filmmakers behind this movie don't realize this, but marijuana is illegal to use and possess, yet it seems to be the driving force behind Harold (John Cho) and Kumar's (Kal Penn) every move, particularly their desire to go to White Castle and get some burgers.

It might seem funny to some people now that Harold and Kumar have the munchies, but imagine the disaster that is sure to befall them in the very near future. As everyone knows, marijuana is what's known as a gateway drug, which means that everyone who uses it ends up taking LSD and snorting cocaine and eventually becoming a drug addict thereby sucking away my hard-earned tax dollars in rehab. It's appalling that Hollywood thinks drug use is funny.

Sadly, I know many people who used to smoke marijuana. None of them leads a happy life any longer. One is now employed as a rocket scientist and the other works for Microsoft. Nothing says "I used to smoke dope" more than working for Microsoft.

"Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle" is just a lot of stupid jokes mostly inspired, undoubtedly, by the filmmakers' prodigious pot-smoking. For instance, Harold and Kumar ride on a cheetah. Everybody who doesn't smoke pot knows full well that cheetahs do not allow people to ride on them, so that's really stupid. Also, Harold and Kumar run into Neil Patrick Harris. Neil steals their car so he can run off and get some, as he puts it, "pussy."

I never ever thought I'd watch a film in which Neil Patrick Harris degraded his wholesome Doogie Howser M.D. image by referring to women by their genitals. I realize that Doogie no longer has a career, but I don't think that gives him or the filmmakers the right to degrade women.

I didn't like this film.

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