High School Ghosthustlers

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To be honest, I didn't really watch this film, I just sort of fast-forwarded through it hoping I would stumble upon some good sex moments. Unfortunately, I was put off from the very beginning upon discovering that this whole movie was done on digital video (or some form of video) and wasn't going to be anything like "Sex and Zen" or any other of those weird Asian films.

I'm somewhat aware of the whole fetish phenomenon in Japan revolving around schoolgirls and their outfits, being that I was doing some research on old growth forests and had some search engine redirect me to pictures of young, naked Asian girls in schoolgirl outfits.

The girls in this "film" are all models who run around in their outfits like the "Ghostbusters" trying to rid their school of horny spirits. Ultimately, they battle slimy dick monsters and free their school from this otherworldly menace.

It's probably safe to say the dick monsters were modeled after the people who made this fine piece of cinema.

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