High School High

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There's an old rule in Hollywood widely regarded as one ofthe cinematic Ten Commandments: "Comedy should be funny." That means that when most things are said on screen you should see the audience laughing -- as in "ha, ha." Audience members should not be vomiting, slicing themselves with sharp objects or slapping their children because they "just had to see that new Jon Lovitz movie."

As co-writer and producer, the blame for this piece of garbage lies squarely on the shoulders of David ("Naked Gun") Zucker. From all evidence, it appears that Zucker wrote the trailer for the film and then jumped ship, leaving the large gaps to director Hart Bochner.

Apparently, Bochner didn't understand the whole point of the film, which was to parody "Dangerous Minds," not remake it. (Hey Hart, that's why the studio execs spent their last meeting with you beating their heads against the table and crying, "What did I do? What did I do?") Consequently, the story actually takes on a grim seriousness as Richard Clark (Lovitz) tries to teach his students something and improve the school.

As we all know, Jon Lovitz is exactly the actor you want in your movie when it comes time to pander to the Oscars. In the interest of decency, I'll refrain from describing the level of pain inflicted by his attempt to play something other than a doofus. Burden yourself at your leisure.

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