Holy Man

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There can't be a worse leading man than Jeff Goldblum. He's like Woody Allen on steroids. It's hard enough to believe that Goldblum could be successful at anything, much less be successful and a ladies' man. It's the kind of situation where the consequences of it all give me the dry heaves. Kelly Preston sleeping with Jeff Goldblum? Ack!

Why the hell Kate (Kelly Preston) is even remotely interested in Ricky Hayman (Goldblum) is one of "Holy Man's" many inscrutable mysteries. Among the others is why any sane person would be interested in any aspect of this story. Some guy named G (Eddie Murphy) who's dressed in a white frock emerges and becomes an overnight success selling products on a shopping channel. That's the story. Really. Some genius writer pitched it somewhere in the bowels of Disney and some genius executive bought it.

G proves to be Ricky's saving grace because Ricky is all set to lose his job at the network unless he increases sales. Kate is a corporate specialist there to help him. Fortunately for Ricky, Kate has a thing for tall, mumbling, deceptive jackasses, and falls for Ricky.

Aside from being incomprehensibly stupid, this film is also blatantly racist. Here's why: The white guy is a jerk; the black guy is beatific. So while the gorgeous female love interest spouts on and on about the black guy's wonderful qualities, she nonetheless elects to jump the bones of the impish, loudmouth, screw-up (white) liar. Message from Disney: It's better to love a white asshole than a black saint.

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