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The studio has already telegraphed that this movie is a piece of crap by giving it next to no advertising support. I didn't even know this was a film or who was in it before looking in the newspaper. I never saw one trailer. That's not exactly confidence.

Stuff like this makes one wonder if there are any people with brains in Hollywood. Here are some of the screenwriter's credits: "Nutty Professor II: The Klumps," "Beyond the Mat," "The Nutty Professor," "Boomerang," and "Police Academy 2." Now, which of those films was good? How does this guy get work?

There's nothing funny in "The Honeymooners." While driving his bus, Ralph (Cedric the Entertainer), works on different schemes while his wife, Alice (Gabrielle Union), dreams of moving out of their apartment and into a house. Their neighbors, Ed Norton (Mike Epps) and Trixie (Regina Hall), befriend them.

Nothing Ralph does works, but he keeps spending the family's money doing it anyway. Somehow, this doesn't give Alice enough reason to leave him, as if Ralph's fat, unattractive, bus-driving ass wasn't already a good enough excuse. During the film, Ralph buys an old train car and tries to race a greyhound that he and Ed find in the trash. Eventually he sells the train car and gets enough money to put a down payment on the house Alice wants, making everything better.

The climactic scene features Ralph rushing to the house's owner to give her the check before she sells the houseto a developer (Eric Stoltz). The whole idea of giving the check directly to the owner is so stupid, it doesn't even warrant discussion. Anybody on this film ever heard of a closing?

Anyway, I feel stupid even bringing up this point as it's just one minor thing in a movie that never should have been made and doesn't have one scene that's worth watching. I could go through all the details of this film and rip them apart one by one, but doing so would give "The Honeymooners" more respect than it deserves.

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