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"Horrible Bosses" is nothing more than a vehicle for the stealth misogyny that has by now permeated almost any studio production that focuses on the relationships between men and women. It's also loaded with the kind of racist stereotypes that defined 1980's action movies like "The Punisher," where Dolph Lundgren was seemingly only allowed to kill Asian gang members during his quest for justice.

No justice here in "Horrible Bosses," however. Just three of the least-likable actors in Hollywood (Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day) paired up with three total has-beens (Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston and Colin Farrell) in an over-long, convoluted rehash of every "I hate my boss" plotline that you've ever seen. Except all of the funny ones. Like "Office Space." 

Remember how creative Mike Judge was in creating a world where we could literally feel the life seep out of our own bones as we watched the poor slugs onscreen lurch through their shadow lives under the corporate thrall? Well, imagine that movie re-shot for bigots and sexist assholes, filled with piss jokes and then swirled around in the community toilet at the local park and you've got "Horrible Bosses." Who needs snappy dialogue when you can spray someone's crotch with water? Who needs engaging characters when you can just pull out a set of tits every few minutes?

It's the "Porky's" school of filmmaking, which worked great 30 years ago when movie audiences were still learning that it was ok to both laugh and cry at a Woody Allen movie, but in our much more sophisticated modern world where we only regurgitate the emotional responses that the media has impressed upon on fragile child-brains since birth, it just doesn't cut it. I need more stimulus! I need fewer cock shots!

Maybe the problem with "Horrible Bosses" all comes down to casting. Replace Spacey with Harvey Keitel, and all of a sudden everyone's a lot more scared to come to work in the morning. Replace Farrell with Ferrell and maybe it's not so bad to have a coke habit and wear kimonos with tigers on them. Replace Aniston with Betty White and BAM! Everyone's got an erection and is forced to question everything about their sexuality.

If you hate your boss, quit your job and come work for me – I can't give you benefits, but I can make you realize just how much better you had it wherever you were putting in time before you made the horrible mistake of giving me your home address and Social Security number. If you hate your brain, go see "Horrible Bosses."

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