How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

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Take one look at this movie and you can be pretty sure some junior executive over at Paramount got lucky when his computer spit out the plot for this retread of a romance film. Hey, it's the "two people who are trying not to fall in love fall in love anyway" plot, again.

Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson) is writing an article for the fictional "Composure" magazine about "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days." Her goal is to make a guy fall for her and then do all the things women do to drive guys away. Her list of tactics includes such things as being clingy and needy, calling all the time, nagging; etc. Brilliant, huh? Then there's Benjamin Barry (Matthew McConaughey), who has a bet to make any woman fall in love with him so he can get an important account at his advertising firm.

This is another in a long line of films that plays the "nice guys finish first" card. It sends the message that if guys just kiss up every time a woman turns into a snarling, wounded hyena, the woman will eventually see the light, fall in love with the guy, and stop her bad behavior. While Andie is acting like a freak from hell to get Ben to dump her, Ben is turning the other cheek so that Andie will fall in love with him. Here's the fraud of this film: In real life, as Ben became Andie's whipping boy, she would lose all attraction and respect for him and the ease of being cruel to him would increase, not decrease. Why? Because Ben is sending the signal to Andie that he's a pussy-whipped, spineless sack of crap momma's boy, and no woman on the face of the planet is attracted to that. Especially not one who can have any man she wants.

The message the movie sends to women might be even worse. First of all, I think the free tickets to my screening were given out in a tampon factory or something because the ratio of women to men was downright frightening. The token male dates in attendance looked like old dogs on their way to be euthanized. The three trailers before the film advertised films I hadn't even heard of before, probably because I don't read "Handkerchief Weekly" or whatever rag bad chick flicks get promoted in before they die. The point at which Andie falls for Ben comes when she visits his family. This little interlude is immediately followed by a loud ballad titled "Feels Like Home to Me." This is rather typical of chick flicks. Why? Because the men who make them think the women who see them are too stupid to figure out that Andie felt at home while at Ben's house, so they have to play a song to that effect to reinforce it.

One of these days, the all-female audience at one of these things is going to stand up at the end of the movie and sing their own song, a "We Are the World" style tune called "Lick My Bunghole You Pandering Studio Twits."

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