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I don't have the slightest idea what I was supposed to get out of this film. Was it that a pimp can dream? If that's what the main point of the film was, then I have to say, I'm a bit underwhelmed. First of all, I'm not really in any sort of day-to-day contact with pimps. Second, I don't really care what they dream about. Let's remember, as charismatic as Djay (Terrence Dashon Howard) might be, as good-hearted as he might seem toward his main whore, Nola (Taryn Manning), this is still a guy who makes his living by selling women for sex in what amounts to a master/slave relationship. I'm glad the guy can dream of a better life for himself. But sorry, I don't give a fuck.

Basically, Djay sells dope and sits in his car with Nola until a john comes by and then he watches Nola get up and go do whatever she does with the john. Eventually, Djay goes home where Shug (Tarahi P. Henson) is pregnant and Lexus (Paula Jai Parker) gives him a hard time. Sure, it's hard being a pimp, but is it any less hard than trying to simply keep three women happy at the same time? I doubt it. I think being a pimp is the least of this guy's problems.

When Djay meets Key (Anthony Anderson), his dream of rapping grows because Key has studio experience. They meet up in Djay's house along with Shelby (DJ Qualls) and start experimenting with Djay's lyrics and Shelby's beats. Things come together and Djay tries to go out and get a local rapper, Skinny Black (Ludacris), to listen to his stuff.

Given that this is a rap movie and Ludacris is in it, it seems logical that the audience for it would be rap fans. Much to their disappointment, I'm sure, there's really very little music in the thing. I guess we get to see how music is created, but there are maybe two songs in the whole movie and like any song, they get annoying after being played over and over again, which is what the filmmakers do because they obviously think the songs are good, which they're not.

If you're a rapping pimp, I suppose you'll feel this movie speaks to you. Otherwise, hustle yourself away from the theater.

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