I Dreamed of Africa

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When I was young, my father told me about
- how beautiful was, and how he thought about her all the time (and don't tell mother). From that day, all I ever did was dream about . Often, I would wake up in the middle of the night and see visions of .

After tragedy struck and I remarried, I realized nothing could shake me out of my doldrums and renew my faith in life like living in . What better place to rediscover the beauty of life than inside ? With my new husband (Vincent Perez) and son (Liam Aiken), we moved to . As it had always been my dream to be deep inside , my actual arrival there sparked both wonder and fear. Of course, it was a long, hard journey there.

Much to my surprise, there were many things about that I did not expect. First, I had always thought to be boring and stupid since that is how people who did not know her had always described her. However, I found to be quite amazing. Standing up, looking over the vast land, there was never anything quite as amazing as knowing that I was there, on top of . And there were seasons too. would be hot, then she would blow like crazy, then 's wet season would follow. It was all a wonderful surprise.

And if you thought was flat, you are sadly mistaken. 's mountainous ranges are spectacular, with peaks as wonderful as any in the world. People come from all around the world to climb them. Before I go, I should say that, while I love so, she has exacted a heavy price on me and my family. No one runs . She runs you. It is fair to say that is a bitch and a beauty, and I will never stop thinking of her.

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