I'm Not Scared

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Warning: Eh, spoilers.

This film is from Italy and is set during 1978. Apparently, the 1970s in Italy saw a rash of kidnappings and director Gabriele Salvatores tries to take a unique look at one.

When I write unique, I don't mean that in a good way. I simply mean that the director chose not to do the usual "kidnappers having moral dilemmas and arguments" version, like that film with Kevin Bacon and Courtney Love and that googly-eyed dude who keeps squawking about how "nobody said we'd have to hurt the kid." You know, that kind of movie.

In this movie, the focus is on Michele (Giuseppe Cristiano), who's ten years old and poor. His entertainment consists primarily of running around in wheat in the hills around his house. One day, he discovers a hole near an abandoned house, uncovers it, and finds a kid (Mattia Di Pierro) in it who sort of looks one of the zombie children in "Dawn of the Dead."

It turns out that Michele's entire family and all their friends are involved in the kidnapping and that the kid is some little rich snot from somewhere. Apparently, Gabriele has never read nor seen "Lord of the Flies." There's really nothing meaner than a ten-year-old who finds another ten-year-old in a hole. In reality, Michele and his buddies probably sit on the edge of the hole and throw rocks at the kid until he croaks or until Michele's old man finally arrives to put the hole-dweller out of his misery. Befriending the little bastard is probably the last thing on Michele's mind.

It's not clear who zombie-boy's dad is, but Mel Gibson seems like a likely candidate. I recently watched "Ransom," the movie in which Mel plays a rich guy who decides not to pay the ransom to his son's kidnappers. I guess rich folks just figure they can have more kids because the rich people in this movie don't seem to pay either.

I'd really like to lobby rich people to pay the ransom on their kidnapped children. One benefit of this policy is that it keeps their precious, gifted children from being shot. More importantly, it keeps movies like this one from dragging on to the point where you consider kidnapping the director's kids in exchange for making the movie stop.

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i am not scared movie review by mr cranky

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thats about the most amateurish and stupid comment i ever read about such a great film, and no, its not even a movie review ist just imbecile dribble.

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