In Too Deep

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Were I an undercover cop, like Jeff Cole (Omar Epps), trying to infiltrate the drug ring of somebody whose actual name is Dwayne Gittens but who calls himself "God" (LL Cool J), I would think to myself: Now here's a man with an ego problem.

In fact, the ego thing is always what ends up getting guys like God in trouble -- they think they're invincible. They think they can do anything to anybody and that they'll never get caught. God even goes so far as to drive his BMW around and beat people up on public streets, in person. How God actually got to the top of the heap in the drug trade is anybody's guess.

Despite God's obvious lack of common sense, Cole develops a sense of loyalty and camaraderie with God and his underlings (none of whom, oddly enough, go by the handle Gabriel or Raphael.) This makes the movie a lot like "Donnie Brasco," except that one can understand how Depp develops a sense of sympathy for the pathetic Al Pacino. How Epps thinks God is somehow a good guy is a mystery along the lines of why no one has yet harvested Regis and Kathy Lee as a food source. Furthermore, I bet I could really ingratiate myself to God by pointing out some obvious flaws in his business plan. Here's a gem: Hire others to beat up people. Exactly why the police department and the DEA require somebody to go undercover to catch God is a complete mystery, when they could just tail him and arrest him whenever he stopped to maim somebody.

Cole's commanding officer is Preston D'Ambrosio (Stanley Tucci), whose primary function is to lean against his cop car, coffee cup in hand, and say things like, "You're in too deep, Jeff. I'm pulling you out." At least Preston has concern for Cole, unlike the DEA. Representing the big, bad impersonal arm of the federal government, the DEA guy couldn't care less about Cole, and accordingly behaves with the intelligence of somebody who barely made it through finger-painting class. Not surprisingly, I sat in the seat closest to the door, yet still felt in too deep.

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