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Okay, now here's a movie with a family theme -- anal sex as a cure for what ails you. Linda Fiorentino makes one of the all-time greatest see-saw role switches as she goes from dominatrix in "The Last Seduction" to everybody's favorite party girl in this film. Seems her rich hubby (Chaz Palmenteri) is a real yawner in bed, so Linda masquerades about town as the anally-penetrable Jade; the woman every man wants. She's like a human Ginsu knife: she slices, she dices, she juliennes....

When a famous politician is found dead, Jade becomes the target of an investigation conducted by former "NYPD Blue"-turned-"what the hell was I thinking when I left that show"-actor David Caruso. As a friend and Fiorentino's former lover, Caruso's detective begins to suspect her. He's really suspicious when he finds a videotape revealing Jade's face as she engages in her trademark act.

William Friedkin, director of such films as "The Exorcist" and "The French Connection" is looking for his comeback film. Obviously he and Joe Ezsterhaus have a different idea of what the word comeback really means.

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