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Essentially, "Jimmy Neutron" is "Inspector Gadget" for especially slow kids.Jimmy Neutron is a boy genius who must save the Earth after a race of beings steals all the adults and plans to feed them to a large god that looks like a big chicken. (The fact that this premise is only slightly less believable than some actual Earthbound religions doesn't make it any more interesting to watch.)

Naturally, Jimmy is shunned by his classmates because he's weird. Naturally, he falls into the same social pattern as any other geek, despite the fact that he creates gadgets that allow him to fly and has a mechanical dog that can explode and piece itself back together. The smartest girl in the class, Cindy, doesn't like him, and Jimmy's friends, like Carl Wheezer, are fellow geeks.

The lessons learned by the kids are typically moral and predictable. After a day or two, the kids miss their parents and feel compelled to rescue them from aliens who don't look much different from the ones featured on "The Simpsons" from time to time. The more likely scenario: Several weeks of underage drug experimentation and sexual deviance followed by the realization that responsibility sucks. The parents aren't rescued because they're loved so much as they're rescued to pay those pesky bills.

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