John Tucker Must Die

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I found this film repulsive and if I was Betty Thomas I'd visit the nearest plastic surgeon and have my vagina replaced with a penis, even if it was strictly cosmetic, just out of embarrassment for being a woman.

I say this because of how the film portrays the women in the film versus how it portrays the lone, central male character, John Tucker (Jesse Metcalfe). John Tucker is a womanizer of the highest caliber who treats all women like shit and like idiots. He has no respect for any woman he meets. He's a complete player.

Now, this by itself isn't really noteworthy, but Thomas, a woman, treats him like the hero and the women, who we're supposed to care about, as the villains. This is yet another one of those ugly duckling turned into beautiful swan stories and is a poor man's "Heathers". When three of the most popular girls in school, Heather (Ashanti), Beth (Sophia Bush), and Carrie (Arielle Kebbel), discover that they're all dating John Tucker, they decide to get back at him. With the help of the mousy Kate (Brittany Snow), they decide to break his heart by sexing up the conservative Kate and making Tucker fall for her.

Each girl represents a different aspect of the male fantasy. Heather is the popular cheerleader. Carrie is the brainy one. Beth is the slut (though it's implied that they all put out). All of them are gorgeous. That Tucker is even able to pull this ruse off suggest they're all morons anyway, but it's Thomas's characterization of them as mean-spirited in their attempts at vengeance that really give this film a black eye. Honestly, it would have been a much better film had they actually killed him and had to deal with the consequences. Instead, they pathetically try to pull off plan after plan while Tucker thwarts them at every turn.

If this wasn't all disgusting enough, the film ends with Tucker as the sympathetic victim and then has the gall to laugh as he goes about his merry way having learned, and get this, that the way to fuck more than one high school girl at a time is to merely tell them about it first.

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I liked it

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I happen to like this movie I found it very funny in places :)

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